Sometimes, I Amaze Myself

By | Thursday, March 22, 2007 Leave a Comment
I was up late last night finishing my "Incidental Iconography" column for Jack Kirby Collector #48. I was having trouble making it interesting because Jack did very little to change Machine Man's visuals over the course of his work on the character. It was too late to switch gears and research a new character, so I had to try to make this work.

So my writing meandered until I struck on this "windows to the soul" metaphor with the character. (In case you don't, there are three distinct "looks" that Machine Man has, but they all use the same buggy eyes.) And, somehow, going down that track gave me the inspiration I needed to wrap things up rather nicely: I realized that Machine Man is a visual representation of...

Well, if I told you that now, though, you wouldn't need to go buy the book when it comes out next month!

But it was a revelation that I was summarily impressed with, and took the article to a level that it was definitely not at before!

Of course, my column still sucks when you compare it against just about anything else in any given issue, but I'm still proud to be a small part of the TwoMorrows engine of fandom.
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