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I've just found the New Media Examplar Library's interviews with Nick Bertozzi. From what I've seen thus far, the information isn't startling new, in terms of the basic information that's conveyed -- I've seen/read/heard much of this type of thing before with other artists. The nuances of Bertozzi's creations are, obviously, unique and that's certainly interesting to compare/contrast his methods with others' but that's not why I'm linking there today.

I'm more interested in the supplemental material: vocabulary terms, curriculum and resource materials, text transcripts... in effect, everything a school teacher would need to produce some excellent lesson plans. Indeed, director Henry Jenkins noted on his blog recently that these "are designed to get students to reflect more deeply about their own potential roles as media makers and to think about the place of media in their own lives." Gene Yang likewise has some comic related material for classrooms on his web site.

Were more students exposed to comics this way (since they don't see as many in drug stores these days) I can't help but think it would benefit the industry on the whole. Of course, the problem we have here in the U.S. is that universal primary education is systematically being leveled with the apparent goal being privatization. Part of those repeated cut-backs are an increasing focus on readin', writin', and 'rthimatic and a decreasing focus on anything resembling arts or culture.

But if the comic industry as a whole can figure out a way to promote comics as a form of literacy, using the images to compliment the reading of the story and understanding of the words, I think that the industry will be better off in the long run and we'll have more people who aren't afraid to read.
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