Monkey of the Week

By | Friday, March 23, 2007 2 comments
Just a quick hit to get my recurring simian online. This week seemed kind of light, so I'm going to fall back on...
Y: The Last Man #55

The solicitation copy reads: "Co-creator Pia Guerra returns for Part 1 of the 5-part 'Whys and Wherefores,' the last arc leading up to the final issue of the series. Boarding the Trans-Siberian railroad for France, Agent 355 escorts Yorick Brown on the last leg of his quest to find his one true love."

Hmmm... leading up to the final issue? That would imply that it's not selling as well as they'd like. Does this mean putting a monkey on the cover doesn't help sell more books?
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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you're being facetious but Vaughan had always planned on "Y: The Last Man" and "Ex Machina" being 60 issue series. I couldn't find an older interview but here's one from 2005 stating the 5 year run concept:

Thanks for the info. I figured as much, but I honestly never paid much attention to the series until I started doing these "Monkey of the Week" posts.