Stylish Inking

By | Sunday, November 19, 2006 1 comment
The Wife and I were going through a craft store last night (she needed to pick up some yarn) and I opted to swing by the artists' tools area. I don't usually stop there any more because I haven't really been an artist of any sort for several years now. But I read Making Comics recently, and he spoke for a little while on the similarities and differences of inking with a brush versus inking with a brush pen.

I always liked the look of good brushwork. There's your classics like Joe Sinnott, naturally, but I especially liked brushwork that was more loose and dynamic. There's an implied speed innate in the artwork that makes it, to me, more exciting. You don't find many comic book artists who use their brushes like that. Ronn Foss did some of his later work in that style, and it's where I first really noticed it. Frank Espinosa is the only current artist that comes to mind who's currently using that type of brushwork.

In any event, I thought I'd try to pick up a brush pen and see what I could do with it. I'm not keen on the brush itself because of the potential mess, plus my inexperience would, I think, make it an expensive experiment. But with a brush pen, I can more casually doodle with it while sitting front of the TV or in bed or wherever. I've played with it just a little bit so far, and I have no idea if I'll go anywhere with it, but it sounded like a quick, fun experiment.
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