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I made only three comic book purchases this week, but I found it rather indicative of how I tend to view comics in general...

Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving
Chris Eliopolous and Marc Sumerak basically look at the funny side of Franklin being the "first son" of Marvel's superhero set. It's been favorably compared to Calvin and Hobbes, largely because of the young child getting into mischief angle. While there is something to that, I don't ever get the feeling that Eliopolous or Sumerak are trying to ape Bill Watterson's strip, but rather were just influenced by the zaniness of it. I bought this book mostly to satisfy my inner child... 'cuz it's just a fun read, darn it!
Green Arrow #68
By and large, G.A. is your standard, mainstream superhero book. Well-done, I think, and not quite as mainstream as, say, Batman or X-Men but when you boil it down, it's about a guy in a mask taking it upon himself to right wrongs, often employing some degree of force. I buy the book to satisfy my inner teeanger... it caters to power fantasies and youthful idealism.
Making Comics
This is Scott McCloud's latest book analyzing the form and function of comics. Whereas Understanding Comics was a basic analysis of the medium and Reinventing Comics brought in elements of technology and business, Making Comics is focused on the actual craft of... well... making comics. From what I've read of it so far, it does cover some familiar ground for me -- McCloud even refers back to his previous works on occassion -- but I find any critical analysis of the medium on the whole useful and insightful, and McCloud's proven that he has a pretty good idea of what he's talking about. Even if I don't always agree with his conclusions. I bought this to satisfy my intellect... it's a non-fiction work that's designed expressly to pick apart various elements of the comic book creation process.

So, three books; three different aspects of my personality. The most money was spent on Making Comics and, not surprisingly, I try to feed my intellect more than my inner child or teenager. Even this post caters more to my intellect, examining why I purchase the comics I do. Fascinating stuff, if you asked me...
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