Pirate Tales

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I picked up Pirate Tales #1 from Boom! Studios this past week. Somewhat thicked than your average comic; consequently a bit pricier than your average comic.

Ah, but the question is: was it worth it?

Well, it was for me. The book is in an anthology format, so most of the stories were only six or eight pages. Many different styles and formats within the pirate genre. The stories ranged considerably, so they weren't all just ship battles and canons firing all over the place. The first story focused on some pirates who's ship had been destroyed and they were left floating adrift on the open sea. Another occurred in the aftermath of an attempted mutiny. Still another was a love poem with the pirate battle running in a distinct counter-point to the narrative of the poem.

I think my personal favorite, though, was the story of a captain of a contemporary ocean liner. While dealing with irate shuffle-board players and equally inane problems, the ship is attacked by modern day pirates with speed boards and machine guns forcing the captain to respond in the name of his ancestors. Particuarly interesting in that it addresses the idea that there are still pirates out on the seas to this very day and that they employ some of the same tactics that were in play 300 years ago.

The stories and art were all of decent quality, and I can't see anything to really complain about. I don't know that it's the type of thing everyone would be into, though. I enjoyed it in large part because of the pirate theme, but I don't know how well-received that theme is across the U.S. -- unless, of course, Johnny Depp and/or Orlando Bloom are involved!

Sign me up for the next issue, but I only give it my recommendation if you enjoy a good pirate yarn in the first place.
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