Big Barda

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I was checking out some of the web sites that are referring over here, and saw that Axel Gruner took up the Kirby Design Meme challenge over at his Nemed House. I'll post a full Meme update later, but Axel opted to select Big Barda as his character design of choice. (By the way, the site's written in German, so I only got the overall gist of his reasoning.)

In any event, I thought it was interesting because I've been thinking about Big Barda lately anyway. As you may know, I tackle a different character's design in each issue of The Jack Kirby Collector and the next two issues are supposed to focus on Kirby technology and warriors. I'm doing my research currently for Machine Man, and I was kicking around who to tackle for a Kirby warrior. Oh, there's plenty to choose from, so my head was swimming with ideas. The Howling Commandos jump immediately to mind, as well as just about any other war story character Jack did. Or the guys from SHIELD. Almost anyone from Thor. Almost limitless possibilities.

But amid all the contenders, I think I'm going to take on Big Barda.

The interesting thing about Big Barda -- aside from the it-shouldn't-work-but-does idea -- is that no one has really looked past Lainie Kazan as the visual inspiration for the character. Now, while that may well suffice for her face and general body structure, that doesn't address her costume at all. Blue chain mail, yellow trunks and a red cape? Where's that come from?

I honestly have no clue at the moment. But a lot of what I enjoy in working on my column is the research and just trying to uncover what I can. If you're curious, wait around a few months and pick up Jack Kirby Collector #49 next spring. Hopefully, I'll have it all figured out by then.
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