Kirby Design Meme Updates

By | Wednesday, November 22, 2006 3 comments
Couple of updates for the Kirby Design Meme...

Johnny Bacardi casts his vote for Psycho-Man and RAB makes an excellent arguement for Black Bolt.

Hmmm... so far, we've got nothing but Marvel characters in the list. No fans of Kirby's DC work? Or what about his Timely monsters? Or his Charlton heroes? His animation? Independant work?

Who else wants to tackle this?
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I gave a lot of thought to Darkseid, who was designed to be iconic and that's pretty much what he's been for the last 30 years...

I thought about Darkseid too, but it wasn't quite right. Who is the Greatest Kirby Design?


Richard said...

It's more than everyone so far choosing Marvel characters...everyone has been choosing Fantastic Four characters. I surprised the heck out of myself by choosing a non-Fourth World character, considering the original Kirby Fourth World titles are my great obsession.

I think these choices are connected to something we were discussing in the comments section of my post: we recognize a comics character as an iconic design when it stands up over a long stretch of time and subsequent artists can't improve on the original, or don't even try. The FF cast has been tackled by so many subsequent artists staying true to the original look that their iconic quality is readily apparent. By contrast the Fourth World characters are very easy to get wrong...and the majority of artists who tried have utterly failed to get them right.