Kirby Design Meme, Part 2

By | Saturday, November 18, 2006 3 comments
Plok appears to be the first one to follow up on my Kirby Design Meme here. Good choice, I have to say. But, I'm going to take a but of space here to help him out with some art. Three versions of the Thing from the first and second years of his existence, followed by a later classic version of him...

Alright, who's next?
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Richard said...

I think that would be me!

Anonymous said...

the original version of the thing was much better than how kirby ended up drawing him.

earlier on he was more gruesome (and his personality was more, well, grim). later he became too cuddly looking, and too muscular.

the thing basically ended up looking like a muscular muppet.

Much of that was actually dictated by the inker. Dick Ayers inked a lot of those early FF books, and specifically inked the Thing to look like he had something of a dinosaur hide. I believe he's since said something to the effect of, "I didn't know what the hell Jack was going for so I just made it into an alligator-like skin." Later, Joe Sinnott came on board as inker and provided the blockier style of rendering the Thing.

Interestingly, Jack's original artwork was somewhere in between the two inkers initially. But, as he worked longer with Sinnott, he started to pick up on how Joe was inking and started rendering the Thing more in line with Joe's style! And then, since Joe continued inking the book through the early 1980s, he provided a consistency to the character that has had more than a lasting effect on how people draw the character.