Jack Kirby Collector #47

By | Wednesday, November 15, 2006 Leave a Comment

I got the latest issue of Jack Kirby Collector in the mail yesterday, and it looks to be a great read. Lots of FF-related stuff, including an extended look at the inker of FF #1 from Mark Evanier, and a piece on some possible story change-outs from Will Murray. My column takes a look at Herbie the robot, and there are quite a few pages of Jack's storyboards from the FF cartoon. Looks like a particularly good read overall, even by JKC standards. I must say, too, that I was even pleasantly surprised with how my column turned out... especially in lieu of how bad the last few were.

Theoretically, the book should be in shops today, so see if you can't pick up a copy. Although I wouldn't suggest mentioning you know the author of the "Incidental Iconography" column; you'll probably start getting funny looks from everyone.
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