Bill Mantlo Tribute Status?

By | Saturday, September 02, 2006 3 comments
I was recently reminded that, back in May, I had heard of a tribute book for Bill Mantlo tentatively titled Mantlo: A Life in Comics. It was intended to feature interviews and commentaries by folks like Keith Giffen, Al Milgrom, George Perez, Roger Stern, Herb Trimpe, and Marv Wolfman and the proceeds would be given to Bill's guardian, who would use the money to benefit Bill.

Bill was a talented comic writer, if you weren't aware, and fell victim to an accident that's left him unable to write. (I don't have details handy, but I want to say that he was struck by a car and suffers severe permanent brain damage.) I didn't grow up on Bill's stories the way many other fans did, but reading them in retrospect, I can see that he was indeed very talented and gave a lot to the comics industry.

In any event, I haven't heard anything about the book since May and was curious if anyone had any new information on it. Is it still moving forward? Has it been cancelled? Anything?
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Omoloc said...

It keeps going.

You can check the status of the project in this web.

Looks like it will be finished by november or december.

Can't wait to see it.


Omoloc said...

You can see some pages and the status here.

See you.

Omoloc said...

You can see the status of the magazine and some pages here:

See you