Nomad Collected

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Every month, the big comic book companies send out solicitations for their upcoming comic books to generate interest (and hopefully sales) in their various titles. These solicitations are generally for about three months out to give retailers sufficient time to go through every publisher's listings, send in their orders, and still have enough time for the publishers to actually print as many as are needed.

Now, an interesting facet of comic marketing is that the national bookstore market is much, much larger and requires a greater lead time... I think somewhere closer to six months. What bookstores then do is throw the publishers' information in their databases and, even if you still don't see the books on the shelves for another six months, you can order them well in advance if you ask someone sitting at a computer terminal in the actual bookstore.


You can have more direct access to their lists by simply hitting the company's web site. Amazon has their process streamlined so things tend to show up there before anywhere else, and I just learned (through that Marvel's releasing a collection of the original Nomad storyline from Captain America #177-186. I've had those individual issues on my want list for a little while, but they were far enough down that I didn't want to spend an inordinate amount of time hunting for all of the issues. And I certainly didn't want to shell out a lot of cash for them either! Amazon's got the collection for sale for $16.49 -- less than $2.00 an issue. Plus you don't have to spend any time hunting.

I do so enjoy when publishers put out materials that I want to read.
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