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Well, the final episode of Who Wants to be a Superhero? aired earlier tonight, and it would seem that Feeback is the winner.

I certainly have to give him a fair amount of credit. The character idea is one of the more original ones I've seen/heard of in quite some time, and he seemed to "get" what Stan Lee was trying to coach out of each of the contestants more than anyone else. And, in that sense, it would seem that he was the ideal choice for a winner.

Of course, The Wife here pointed out here that, from a story-telling perspective, he didn't work quite as well as some of the others. I certainly epathized with him, as a fellow comic book fan, but she noted that he seemed a bit unstable. Fat Mamma also had concerns for his mental well-being throughout the show. Whether that potential for instability was played up by the editors/producers or he really is skating on the razor's edge of sanity, I don't know, but in either case, it makes him somewhat less engaging as a character. It's harder for people to identify with that -- and The Wife noted that she really had no interest in the show at all once Major Victory was eliminated.

Regardless, I do have to take some modicum of pride that the final victory was given to one of "us" -- one of the guys who goes into the comic shop regularly and takes his social cues from four-color heroes because no one else is willing to listen.
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