Comic Shop Surprises

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So I swang by the comic shop today around 12:30 to pick up my new books. As I mentioned yesterday, I was concerned that I'd have trouble seeing the racks for the gamers. I was pleasantly surprised to see, though, that the shop in fact has a back room specifically for the gaming crowd. Aside from a couple of gents who walked past me to get to the back room, I pretty much had the front of the shop to myself. (The owner was there as well, but I was the only customer out front.)

One of the interesting things about going to a new shop is finding the unique things they do. Today, I found a "Bargain Toy Bin" in the corner. I poked my head and saw several Marvel Legends figures sitting in there, still in the packaging. I looked a little closer and saw they were from the recent Onslaught series. I looked even closer and saw they were priced at only $5 each! A second or two later, I realized that the owner had sliced the side of each of the packages, pulled out the Onslaught piece and built the extra figure, which he was then selling separately. The rest of the figure/packaging was in tact, though, and since I was only interested in getting Pyro anyway, I picked him up for a lot cheaper than I thought I'd have to!

Next to the "Bargain Toy Bin" was a long box with all of the shop's leftover Free Comic Book Day books. Still free. Since I missed this past year's event (my then-regular shop did have some of the Marvel and DC books left by the time I got there the following Wednesday, but nearly all of the indie publications were gone) I did a quick flip through and found a couple of interesting-looking indie books I hadn't seen. If I weren't on a tight schedule, I would've gone through the box more closely to see what else may have been in there.

I can't wait to see what other treasures might be buried in the other corners of the shop!
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