The Comic Curse of a Holiday

By | Wednesday, September 06, 2006 Leave a Comment
As many of you are likely aware -- at least the Americans among you -- Monday was a federal holiday: Labor Day. It's a day we're intended to honor those working classes by taking the day off and relaxing a bit. Of course, that only applies to those of us who work in offices -- all the stores and restaurants are still open, so your retail level workers get shafted. But one of the groups that does get a day off are those people who work for the U.S. Postal Service.

And, as a comic fan, that means all of the shipments of new comics are delayed by one day. New Comic Day is pushed back from Wednesday to Thursday, while everyone works twice as hard during the week to catch up with everything that could've gotten done on their day off, had they continued working through it.

Normally, this only means that I have to wait an extra day to read my new books, but this week is a little different. I've just noticed that at my new shop, they normally hold HeroClix tournaments at noon on Thursdays. Physically, it's not a very big shop so I expect that it will be completely jam-packed for that hour, making shopping noticeably more difficult. I may have to shoot for a REALLY late lunch tomorrow to try to avoid the crowds. I could, I suppose, just swing by after work, but the later I delay in getting on the road home, the more traffic builds up and the longer it takes for me to end my work day. And with a 45-minute commute already, I'm really not keen on extending that any longer if I can avoid it!
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