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Hey, it's time for another edition of: Sean Can't Think Of Anything To Say So He'll Just Post What Comics He Bought...

Annihilation: Ronan #3
The ONLY reason I bought this is because I just found out that a minor FF character (Lyja) has a one-panel cameo in it.
The Amazing Spider-Man: Hooky
I stumbled across this in the shop today with a $2.50 price sticker on it. I don't know if the story's any good, but you can't go wrong with cheap Bernie Wrightson art!
Civil War #4
I've actually kind of been enjoying the whole "Civil War" storyline, despite some radical character re-works that totally clash with established continuity.
The Cubes, Set 2: Joe
Okay, it's not really comic-related, but the shop had him in a discount bin for five bucks. Since I work in a cube farm now, it was impossible to pass up!
The Looking Glass Wars: Hatter M #3
As I've noted here repeatedly, I enjoy different takes on Alice in Wonderland. This one has been especially enjoyable so far, and I only wish that the full novel that this comic stems from is published here in the U.S. soon.
Nextwave #8
Warren Ellis continues to make this a delightful read. The Mindless Ones replacing Americans is a poignent, if cynical, social statement that I heartily approve of.
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