Curse of the Pym Particles

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Okay, so WAAAAY back in the days of Marvel comics, Dr. Hank Pym discovered something he dubbed "Pym Particles." A person using Pym Particles could change their relative size becoming either very small or very large. Several characters have used Pym Particles over the years to become super-powered. But let's take a moment to look at what's happened to some of them...

Clint Barton -- Became Golaith II in Avengers #63. Killed in Avengers #502.

Bill Foster -- Became Black Goliath in Power Man #24. Killed in Civil War #4.

Scott Lang -- Became Ant-Man II in Marvel Premier #47. Killed in Avengers #500.

Erik Josten -- Became Golaith III in Iron Man Annual #7. Died in Thunderbolts #47.

Rita DeMara -- Became Yellowjacket II in Avengers #264. Killed in Avengers: The Crossing.

The only characters I'm aware of that have used Pym Particles and haven't died have been Hank Pym himself and his ex-wife, Janet van Dyne. Pym, though, has gone schitzo on several occassions, and Janet has gotten smacked around quite a bit over the years -- including by her then-husband (Hank) and her best friend (She-Hulk).

So I'm thinking that this might not be a coincidence. Maybe Pym has gone over the deep end and is actively having these people killed. Maybe the earliest deaths might have been "real", and that got Hank thinking about getting rid of the remainder of his "competition." After all, the three most recent deaths were caused by people who were considered friends/allies of the victims, and who all were well-acquainted with Dr. Pym.

Lots of story potential here, I think...
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