Tales of the Crypt Documentary Review

By | Sunday, September 03, 2006 Leave a Comment
I received from The Wife for my birthday Tales from the Crypt: From Comic Books to Television. It's a documentary about EC Comics and, on the whole, fairly well done. Plenty of interviews with Al Feldstein, Mark Evanier and a bunch of other folks knowledgeable about the industry and/or EC in particular.

What struck me was that it was a very professional documentary. I had expected it to be filled with love and great reverence for the medium, but lacking in professionalism. In point of fact, the documentary was very well put together and, with a running time of about 56 minutes, clearly done with an understanding that a more in-depth, long-running piece would bore casual viewers and impart no new information for EC devotees. What I've found particularly clever is that they've included a number of the original, full-length interviews with Al Williamson, Jack Davis, Marie Severin, Jack Kamden, Russ Cochran, Bob Overstreet and George Romero. I've only watched a few of the interviews so far, but they're a wonderful addition to the basic documentary.

Overall, I think it's an excellent purchase for both EC fans and comic fans in general.
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