Still Only 25¢!

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So in kicking around ideas for my comic library, it occurred to me that I need a new mousepad. My old one was a pretty simple black one with a gel wrist-rest, but probably 15 years old and looking pretty ratty. But today, I've got the option to get essentially a custom mousepad with anything I like on the surface. So why not get something comic themed, right?

Ah, but what?

I don't want my library to be a superhero shrine or devoted to any one genre like you see in many comic shelf porn posts. Just not what I'm going for overall. I will have superheroes represented, certainly, but there will original art from at least a few webcomics, a couple independent and manga character statues, among other items. I've got a "Kleefeld" judge's badge and a large wall decal of Asterix and Obelix too. I'm trying to get a good mix of things going here.

In kicking around ideas for a mousepad image, it dawned on me that I could use a fairly generic graphic that's almost entirely indicative of comics, without pointing to a single one. Here it is embedded on Amazing Adventures #37...
As I'm sure you figured out by the title of this post, I'm talking about the "Still Only 25¢" blurb.

I was thinking about this and comics are one of the few things that you could continue to buy for a quarter within recent memory. The only other similarly priced item I could thing of was a phone call at public telephone, but they never really used to advertise the price as a big selling point. Certainly not with large yellow starbursts. "Still Only 25¢" is essentially unique to comics.

And, hey, sure enough, somebody's already got that same idea!

Maybe it's a compeletely minor, if not totally insignificant, point but I find the iconography of comics -- especially when it's unintentional -- fascinating.
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