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By | Monday, October 14, 2013 1 comment
So the Chicago Marathon was yesterday. I ran in it, along with something north of 40,000 other people. The previous marathon I did in Cincinnati last year was somewhere between 15-20,000. This was literally twice as big, and it was very noticeable with the number of people on the course.

What also struck me was that, despite being a larger number of participants, there were considerably fewer who got into costume. Most of the people running seemed to be in it for the run itself, and the people who don't care at all about their speed and just think it's a hoot don't turn out as much apparently. Or, possibly, the increased security this time dissuaded costuming. (This was the first major American marathon after Boston's.)

I didn't have a great race. I screwed up my knee at some point, and the four-hour race I was on par for during the first 15-20 miles dropped back to almost five hours in the last six or eight. That said, I did run faster than Superman and Captain America here. Something to be said for that, I suppose.

Of course, I was also slower than Samwise Gamgee. It turns out Sean Astin was in the race, and did a fair piece better than I did. I mean, I expected I wouldn't go as fast as the Olympic athletes who were competing, but it does kind of suck to run slower than a Hobbit.

I guess having an "S" logo on chest only works within the one genre.
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Matt K said...

As I recall from my Tolkein, those hobbits can be surprisingly athletic if and when they're hauled away from the pub and motivated to show some hustle.

In any event, I congratulate you!