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  • Remember Wowio? Digital publisher that had some financial problems a few years back? They're still around and just released their most recent SEC filings this week. I just scanned through a bit of it, but what stood out to me: "Although the Company was formed in 2005, it is still a developing business and although it is generating minimal revenue, it is not yet profitable. There can be no assurance at this time that we will operate profitably or that we will have adequate working capital to meet our obligations as they become due."
  • David O'Connell points us to a notification of WASP 2014. What is WASP, you ask? The Webcomic Artist Swap Project. Kind of like a guest comic day, but the creators only switch around on art duties -- the original creator still writes their own strip.
  • On a more historical note, Robert Beerbohm points us to this extensive biography of Pop Hollinger, who opened the first comic book shop. In the 1930s!!!
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