Billy Ireland Looks For A Roommate

By | Sunday, October 20, 2013 Leave a Comment
Next month, I'll be attending the 2013 Grand Opening Festival of Cartoon Art at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. I've got a room booked for the entire event, but it ain't exactly cheap, so I thought that since the room's got two double beds anyway, I thought I'd toss out the idea that if anyone wants to share the room for half the costs, just let me know. I figure we'd be at the conference pretty much all day anyway, so it's mostly just a bed to crash on for a few nights. And there's probably some environmental benefit that I'm not going to calculate right now, but I'll throw it out there if you want a green arguement for sharing lodgings. Anyway, if anyone else is going and needs a place to sleep, hit me up.
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