Mysterious & Ooky Links

By | Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Leave a Comment
  • Chaka Cumberbatch is "tired of not seeing faces like mine in my comics." I can't say I blame her. Come on, creators, get your game on!
  • Marc van Elburg has written an essay on grawlixes.
  • Grawlixes? You know, grawlixes! Man, you're lucky Ben Zimmer wrote a short history of grawlixes that I can point to this week.
  • Matt Kuhns posted an interesting bit of comics emphemera. He had a letter published back in Doom 2099 #20 and Marvel sent him the paste-up of the actual letters page. What's also curious is that the text was clearly written up and printed out from a computer, but the board itself was still put together using traditional paste-up methods. The '90s were a very strange time for graphic design and publishing.
  • Lastly, Gary Rosen from the Wall Street Journal interviews Scott Adams about his newest book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.
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