Presents For Nephews

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My youngest nephew's birthday was back in May, and I'm sorry to say that I totally botched it. I didn't send a gift or even a card. His older brother's birthday is next week, so my thought was to try to play a little catch-up and get presents for both of them.

Now, Uncle Sean is trying to ensure these kids have a healthy dose of comics in their lives. They've gotten more than a few presents over the years that were either comics or toys and games based on comics. Though I expect the marketing machine had more than a little to do with it, I take some measure of comfort that they dressed up as Thor and Captain America last year (with my brother chaperoning them around as the Hulk). So the question becomes, "What can Uncle Sean get these kids that continues to spark their interest in comics that he hasn't gotten them already?"

Here's what I came up with...
"Yeah, their face Photoshopped onto superhero bodies? What are they supposed to do with those?"

Nothing, in and of themselves. But what I did was send those two images to Fatheads and have three-foot-tall vinyl wall decals made from them! That seemed to me like a great thing to have up in a kid's room -- a giant decal of yourself as a superhero! How awesome is that? I was concerned that Fatheads might not print them, recognizing that they're based off existing Marvel imagery, but I'm told by UPS that they two pieces were delivered earlier today. We'll see how they go over before I try one for their older, teen-aged sister for her birthday in October.
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