Bookshelf PSA

By | Sunday, July 28, 2013 Leave a Comment
Remember that bookstore I blogged about a couple months back with the floor-to-ceiling entropy? They've been closed for the past week or two, and I think I've discovered why. Here's a photo I took tonight through the front window...
Notice, if you will, that those cardboard boxes are sitting on top of a metal bookshelf that appears to be slanted at about a 20° angle. The bookshelf is, not surprisingly, NOT supposed to lean like that. It would seem that the owner stacked one too many books on the thing, and it collapsed under all the weight.

So, your helpful tip of the day: while a single sheet of paper seems very light, a whole bookshelf of them is insanely heavy; be sure the shelves you're using to store your books and comics are structurally sound enough to support all the weight you're putting on them.
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