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I just want to drop a quick note today to provide a bit of a personal update. As you may recall, I moved to the Chicago area a few months ago. Since then, the S.O. and I have been busy searching for a house we can call home. We think we've found it, and have a contract signed and whatnot. This is actually the third time we've gotten to this point in house-hunting only to have the deals still fall through because of issues beyond our control. We're hopeful this time. If all goes well, we should close in early August.

One of the cool things about being in the Chicago area is the wealth of comic related things going on. I've had to set up a separate portal page JUST to track comic happenings around here! I believe there is at least one thing every week that I'm interested in for the foreseeable future. Plus more than a few exhibit type deals that are open for longer periods.

You may have noticed that I've got two columns now at MTV Geek these days. Kleefeld's Fanthropology has been going very well, and got noticed by some other folks who then asked me to do some consulting work as a fan expert! My newer column is called Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week! That's been fun, and has forced me to jump on board with a LOT more Webcomics. I'm not mad at that, though some of the good looking ones are taking a bit of time to get caught up on.

With the house stuff finally coming together, I'm hoping to FINALLY get my comic library together. I will try to give some process updates as I make progress there. (The actual room I'm looking at for the library has different dimensions than what I originally toyed with. I'll have to do another one of these sketches.)

On an even more personal note, I've begun training for my next marathon. I got up at 5:00 for a ten mile run this morning. This is the first time I'm using a running app to track my progress. Lots of useful data; as they say, what can be measured can be improved.

Plus, I've still got my day job which includes a decent amount of travel compared to what I've been doing for the past... well, ever.

All of which is to say that things around Casa de Kleefeld have been busy. I'm trying to keep up with the blog here, and please forgive the occasional and almost certainly inevitable missed day here and there.
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