Johnny Hart Was Centuries Ahead Of His Time

By | Saturday, July 06, 2013 Leave a Comment
Back in 1958, Johnny Hart's Thor character from the comic strip B.C. invented the wheel. In the strip, it didn't lead to cars or carts, but was typically used by running a small log through the middle of it and sailing along on just a single wheel.
This morning, while I was out running, I saw someone cruising along in EXACTLY the same way using something called a Solowheel...
I was never a big fan of B.C. as Hart was getting pretty heavy into using his strip to prosthetize by the time I was able to read, but I will give him credit for coming up with the single wheel idea long before anyone actually made one! (Honestly, I don't think I've even seen anything comprable in fiction outside of B.C.)
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