Links Of The Week

By | Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Leave a Comment
  • Rob Tornoe has a good piece on the current status of the comics syndicate market. Depending on your own perspective, you can pick out both positives and negatives pretty easily: "So far in 2013, only one new comic strip has been launched into syndication..." versus "...according to editorial director John Glynn, revenue has been up at Uclick for the past two years..."
  • This weekend in Elgin, IL, there's a small comic convention. Not particularly notable in and of itself, but it's designed specifically to cater to kids. I expect there are more and more of these cropping up, and that's worth noting.
  • The "It Gets Better" campaign spent some time talking to Dan Parent, creator of Archie Comics' first gay character, Kevin Keller.
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