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I had a post started tonight that I thought was going to be pretty interesting. I can't bring myself to finish now, though.

The S.O. and I have been house-hunting for some time now, and had two offers put in that were accepted but ultimately the deals fell apart because of bullshit on the sellers' side. For the past several weeks, we've been dealing with a third house. Good layout, nice yard, decent neighborhood, in decent condition. There was some back and forth with the sellers over the details of the final contract, but we were making headway. We were down to a couple of key points that, frankly, are pretty standard in housing contracts: that the house gets appraised by the bank and that the sellers can't come back and sue us for some reason.

On Thursday, their attorney (around here, attorneys handle all the contract negotiations, not the real estate agent) sent a rather insultingly worded response that said first that that was not the sellers' official counter and these things we wanted were covered under other clauses. Which they clearly weren't. Our attorney has spent the past four days trying to contact this guy to resolve things, but he has steadfastly refused to take her calls, ignored her emails and has made no attempt to contact her whatsoever. Our agent talked to their agent, but we still couldn't get any contact from the attorney.

The deadline for the contract negotiations has passed as of this evening, rendering everything we've done for the past few weeks null and void.

So we're back to Square One with the house hunt.

I'm disappointed and irritated that this deal fell through, of course, but I'm more pissed at myself for not having any real sense of skepticism or cynicism about this. They've been problematic sellers (by everyone's account) since we submitted our initial offer, and they've really not been acting in good faith at all. But I've been blindingly optimistic about the proceess anyway. As frustrating and annoying as it is to start over, I'm really just fucking mad at myself that I was not at all emotionally prepared for this to fall through. I'm usually more realistic than that, and I blundered through this whole thing like an incredibly naive 12-year-old.

So, no, I'm not much in the mood for blogging about comics tonight.
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Go read a few Calvin & Hobbes; you'll feel better.

frank said...

If you were incredibly frustrated it might be an improvement... do what Mike says...