How Many Comics Do You Own?

By | Friday, February 22, 2013 2 comments
Augie De Blieck commented on my post about comics storage from the other day, saying that, even with a house, his collection's grown to the point where he's having to get rid of about 1000 "books with spines" comics. I did a quick check against my collection and realized that, yup, a purge like that would totally eliminate the "books with spines" part of my library.

Which got me to wondering: how big are the collections of most people? So, in a highly unscientific survey, I'd like to request that you answer my survey question below. Feel free to comment as well, if you're so moved. I'm just curious what a "typical" comic collection looks like.

How many comics are in your physical collection, including pamphlets, TPBs, HC, etc.?

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Darrell said...

I think my collection breaks down to about 4000 pamphlets and about 500 trades/hardcovers/etc. Those numbers may be a little conservative though.

Not a big collection I guess but I'm fortunate to have an older brother that buys a lot more than me. That means I can just read his comics. :)

And now I want to take what's left and count THAT to see how many I have. Last I came close to approximating the number, it was between 10,000 and 15,000, though. I'll stick with that. It's been 24 years of collecting, though it's slowed up a lot in recent year. But that got offset with review copies of things. The fun never ends. =)