Black History Months

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I'm always a little torn by how to write during Black History Month. I think it's important to honor and revel in the accomplishments of black folks who are often forgotten in the news cycle of comics, but at the same time, I don't like the idea of pandering to that idea for only 1/12 of the year. Over the years, I've waffled back and forth with some years making a point of featuring lots more black creators and characters, and others not so much. I do try to make a point to be even-handed all the time, though, and provide fair represenation regardless of what month it is.

But then, of course, there's the issue of me not being black. What can I say about race that a black person (or any other non-Caucasian, for that matter) can't say better? I mean, look at that Keith Knight cartoon I've included here. Is there anything I can say more poignant than that? Certianly nothing from first-hand experience.

Typically, most of the Black History Month feature pieces you see are shoved at the beginning of the month. February rolls around, and folks trot out their remembrances of Dwayne McDuffie or favorite Luke Cage moments. Some of the more knowledgeable people talk about Matt Baker or Lobo. They flip the calendar, see that it's Black History Month, and make some obligatory posts. This year, I made a deliberate effort to put my big Black History Month piece on the very last day of February. Not because I'd forgotten about it, but I want to make a point of trying to continue the conversation beyond the shortest month of the year.

Should EVERY day be an extended discussion about race? I think that might get pretty tedious, personally. But how about folks still make a point of doing non-Caucasian comics stories in March? And maybe April? And May? June...? I don't know that I'm expert in doing that myself, but I make an effort and sure wouldn't mind seeing other bloggers/commentators/journalists doing the same.
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