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By | Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Leave a Comment
  • I've been deliberately trying to avoid talking about the Orson Scott Card/Superman thing, but Glen Weldon provides the best response to the whole thing. By highlighting some of the best LGBT characters in indie comics. I am a tad disappointed he doesn't include webcomics in there as well, as there are some really great ones out there that would make for easy, no-investment-necessary places for readers to go to, but Weldon's still got the right approach.
  • Neil Cohn tries to sum up the body of his research, clearly identifying his idea that comics are not so much a medium but a language. Interestingly, he wraps up by asking why should comics NOT be processed like language?
  • First Second editor Calista Brill posts about her trip to Comic-Con India. Includes mandatory cosplay photos... well, photo.
  • Lawrence Specker has an overview and interview with Terry Stewart, former Marvel Comics president.
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