Cartooning Marketing Idea

By | Thursday, January 31, 2013 Leave a Comment
I'm reading through British cartoonist Terry Bave's autobiography and came across this passage. It strikes me as an idea that, with the right people, could successfully be brought back in a YouTube type environment.
Denis also invited me to take part in a 'live' presentation of the television game Quick on the Draw (devised by Denis Gifford). Before a packed audience I joined fellow cartoonists Bill Titcombe and Peter Maddocks, along with Bob Monkhouse, the host of the show. The audience appeared to thoroughly enjoy the game as we sat at three large drawing boards penning 'quickly' cartoons in response to the host's quick fired quiz questions. The completed drawings were then sold to member of the audience. The proceeds went to The Society for Mentally Handicapped Children.
I'll just leave this out here, and let someone with more online charisma take a whack at it. (I'm looking at you, Ryan!)
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