Linked Up & Raring To Go!

By | Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Leave a Comment
  • Kevin Hodgson looks at what Peter Gutierrez is talking about with regards to using webcomics in a formal education setting. That is, teaching using webcomics!
  • Last week, Valerie Gallaher posted a good flu-induced rant on why you should get off your ass and write.
  • I don't know how long this info has been floating around, but I just learned that this year's annual ComicsPRO meeting will be held on February 21-23 in Atlanta, GA. More details can be found here.

  • Jim Shelly takes Diamond's Top 500 Graphic Novels of 2012 numbers, and makes the numbers into easier-to-digest charts. A good read, particularly if you're not a numbers type of person.

  • Finally, congrats to The Grist for their 7 billion, unpacked webcomic winning a Global Media Award from the Population Institute.
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