WANTED: Nyoka the Jungle Girl

By | Thursday, January 17, 2013 1 comment
Robert Beerbohm's daughter is evidently having some medical issues (Stevens Johnson Syndrome -- it basically "burns your skin from inside out") and he's trying extra hard to get some stuff sold to raise some much-needed funds. Check out everything he's got here.

Now, if you'd like to help but don't happen to see anything you personally like, I have a solution for you! It just so happens that he's got the original art from "The Path of Doom" story from Master Comics #118 starring Nyoka the Jungle Girl. And when I say he's got the original art, he has all of it. The entire story. It looks like it's in great condition and would make an excellent piece to have in somebody's collection: the original art of an entire comic book story from 1950. That's not exactly easy to come by.

But since you didn't find anything that you'd like for yourself (see above) I might suggest that you could purchase the Nyoka art and send it to yours truly for all the insightful and brilliant commentary I've provided here for the past several years. Beerbohm's had it for sale for a while now, but it's just a bit pricey for me to pick up myself even though I'm really intrigued by this particular "jungle girl" is actually NOT wearing an animal-skin bathing suit. So, you know, if you happen to be a wealthy and/or generous benefactory, I would not at all mind if you purchased it for me.

Only to help Beerbohm out, of course.
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Nyoka said...

SOLD!! Sorry, I'll be keeping these for myself....