How Is It Wednesday Already Links

By | Wednesday, January 23, 2013 1 comment
  • The Golden Age Bakery makes some very special cookies... ones using images culled from Golden Age comics that are now in the public domain. Stardust the Super Wizard is popular, of course, but she also has images from horror and romance comics among others. I hear they're quite tasty, on top of being generally cool-looking.
  • Forbes has a piece questioning What Do Comic Books Teach Us About Gender Attitudes? Not a lot in the way of surprising revelations, but that appears in Forbes is note-worthy, I think.
  • ICv2 talks with Jon Nelson about getting Tintin to a larger American audience. I've read a couple volumes of the new Tintin book sNelson refers to, and they're quite good.
  • The NewStatesman ran some images from Marvel's quarterly earnings statements from the 1990s, declaring them the best thing about the decade. I know that, at the time, I really wanted to own some Marvel stock just so I could get these. Pity I was just a poor college student, and their stock was in freefall at the time.
  • This has been making the rounds, but it's worth pointing out again that Kyle Baker has put digital copies of all his books online for free.
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Stumptown said...

I actually have some of those Marvel Quarterly and annual reports. They are pretty funny. If only I still had those stocks. They are worth a lot more now than when I bought them (and even more than when I sold them!)