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  • On Thursday at 6:00 PM ET, the Creative Learning Factory will host a webinar on "how comic books, cartoons, and comic strips have addressed various social issues in American history." It's to be presented by Caitlin McGurk of BICML; registration is $20.
  • Robert Stanley Martin provides a very good overview of Jim Shooter's EIC role at Marvel. It's a piece that runs somewhat counter to "conventional wisdom" and one that more closely matches my recollections of that time period.
  • Last week, Garen Ewing (creator of The Rainbow Orchid) posted "a few new year's thoughts on creating stories, being a creator, and on comics generally." All of these are note-worthy, but one of his notes that readers should bear in mind while reading all the others is: "I'm an expert in how to make comics the Garen Way. As for how to make comics any other way, I'm rubbish."
  • Someone going by the name of "themadthinker" posted this piece on the state of European comics in the States. I don't know that it's comprehensive, but it's a similar frustration to what I've been having in recent years.
  • Finally, a couple of comics that struck me. Caytlin Vilbrandt uses her characters from Walking on Broken Glass to attempt a webcomic version of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams." Meanwhile, Chris Guillebeau provides us with 11 Ways to be Unremarkably Average. No real commentary from me other than to say that they're both kind out asides to my normal webcomic discussions, but I still wanted to highlight them.
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