End O' January Links

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  • During the week of Feburary 17, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will be hosting a series of panels, screenings, etc. called Black Geek Week "highlighting the achievements of African Americans in academia, STEM and the Arts who have pushed the boundaries of thought and technology." It's a mixture of media folks attending, but I note that Terry Grant, owner of Third Coast Comics, and Kevin Grevioux, who runs Astounding Studios and Darkstorm Studios and does some comic book writing, will both be guests. There will also be a gallery showing called "Black Kirby" which puts a decidedly African-American spin on the design stylings of Jack Kirby.
  • Aaron Albert reviews ComicLock, a system design to both securely store as well as display your old, valuable comics.
  • Gary Tyrell has seen some initial footage of Strip Search, the reality show about webcomickers, and talked with producer Robert Khoo. Lots of good info on the upcoming series over at Fleen.
  • Finally, a last-minute shout-out to the Dynagirl Kickstarter. There's only about two days left, so give 'em some love! It's a great series.
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