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By | Friday, November 09, 2012 4 comments
I have a new book out, for anyone interested: Edward Lear & the Snargetted Flartlethants of Nonsense. Lear was originally a skilled painter, but failing eyesight pushed him towards verse and he began writing nonsense limericks. He popularized the limerick format and went on to write several more books, illustrating them in a loose, approachable style.

What I always find interesting, though, is getting some context behind the original material, so I've written two new pieces to accompany Lear's first collection limericks. First is an examination of nonsense poetry, looking at how and why it works the way it does. Next is a short biography of Lear himself, including some reproductions of his detailed, pre-nonsense paintings. Combine those with Lear's own work, and you've got a book that's fun for kids but with some intellectual context to put the work in perspective.

Plus, it's got a really catchy title!

Anyway, it's $13.95 and available online now. It'd make a great Christmas gift for the kids, I'm sure!
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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sean! Will this book be available through Ingram? Our library system purchases almost exclusively through them.

Thanks! But unfortunately, this won't be available through Ingram. I wanted it to be, but at this point Lulu doesn't allow horizontal formatted books to go through that system for some reason. (The collection of Lear images helped dictate the book dimensions.) Of course, I didn't find out about the formatting issue until last night. I'm hoping Lulu changes that at some point, but I wouldn't count on it any time soon.

But, if you want to see my name on your library shelves, Comic Book Fanthropology IS available through Ingram!

Matt K said...

Nice, dude. When did you sneak THIS in? I don't recall you even hinting at it.

I did mention it once in passing early last week, but it was mostly done by that point. It's actually an idea I got right around the same time as I started working on that Blackstone book that isn't finished yet.

Honestly, it wasn't a very difficult project at all. I've had most of the pieces floating around for years now, so it was mostly just a matter of throwing them all into a unified format.