Post-Election (But Not At All Election Related) Links

By | Wednesday, November 07, 2012 Leave a Comment
  • Recently uncovered: unpublished Osamu Tezuka comics from when he was a teenager in the 1940s! While certainly not as powerful as his later Astro Boy, these help to show Tezuka's progress as a creator. I just wish they showed more images from this newly found collection.
  • PLB Comics will be presenting a "Creating Comics" seminar for teens this Saturday at Wicomico Public Library, Centre Branch, Salisbury. I've seen a number of "how to" sessions like this before, but I think this is the first I've heard of that was geared specifically towards teenagers.
  • Katherine Dacey is closing down The Manga Critic. We're sorry to see that resource go, but Kate's still in the game, as she'll be starting up a column for Manga Bookshelf.
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