Experiments In Funding

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Despite having an MBA, I am not a master of business. That's why I hold a Day JobTM and this writing about comics schtick is on the side. I have a steady income and health insurance and all that fun stuff that allows me a measure of security to kick around other ideas more-or-less freely. And, while I'm not looking to change that basic situation, I would like to see if I can accrue some extra funds both in the short and long term from writing.

You may have noticed on the right side of my blog, there is now some Project Wonderful ad space. As of this writing, it's got a not-at-all relevant ad that I'm sure was put in just for the sake of having something cheap. I'm hoping someone thinks well enough of my blog that they find it worthy of content-relevant advertising, and I certainly wouldn't mind getting a little extra coinage from the deal. If you want to speak to whatever passes for my audience, please feel free to jump in on the ground floor!

I'd also like to point out again that I've got a couple of books out on the market now. Comic Book Fanthropology is my first and focuses on the who/what/why of comic fans. Edward Lear & the Snargetted Flartlethants of Nonsense examines Lear's famous limericks and puts them in context with additional essays by yours truely. Both are available here. My boss flipped through a copy at work the other day and just said, "You know, you're pretty odd, Sean." Naturally, the idea with these books is to get something on the market that can continue to sell over the long term.

You know, I frequently talk about business practices and generating revenue for webcomics over at my MTV Geek column, but I am phenomenally bad at putting those ideas into practice. I just can't generate a decent-enough-sized audience to make my work financially self-sustaining. But there's no harm in trying some ideas out from time to time, and seeing if I can't make a little something extra when/where I can.

I don't plan on changing my content style or structure or anything, but I figured I should be honest with you about what I'm doing. Project Wonderful ads and the ocassional book, in an attempt to make a little extra money. Let's see how that works.
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