Pre-Turkey-Coma Links

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  • El Santo provides a look back at Puck, the original American humor magazine. His "Know Thy History" series is good, and I've linked to them before, but this was, for me, the most enlightening and informative one yet.
  • Also in the category of "Things that have been around a while but I knew nothing about", Bibi Andrade is apparently celebrating 13 years of The Adventures of Bibi & Friends comic books. I honestly can't tell if the stories are about business and PR, or if they actually are business and PR. But, hey, if anyone can make an independent comics for over a decade, more power to 'em!
  • Pierre Villeneuve looks at the old Legion of the Super-Heroes story, The Great Darkness Saga and concludes that, by comparison, the Darkseid that shows up in the current Justice League book is "weak and damaged" because he doesn't do anything, and writer Geoff Johns relies on your existing knowledge of the character to provide any gravitas.
  • Matt Kuhns takes a look at the new Superman movie logo, and extrapolates the conflict filmmakers have in making superhero movies. They're serious, but still fun, but not too fun, and not too serious...
  • Finally, here's a 1983 interview with Marie Severin. The production quality isn't the greatest, but it's nearly twenty minutes of Marie Frickin' Severin!
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