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By | Monday, November 05, 2012 2 comments
You know, it occurs to me that my "What I'm Reading" portion of the sidebar on my blog site is a tad out of date. It almost always is, frankly, since I'm continually adding new titles to my reading list, or webcomics stop updating, or whatever. I could keep updating it periodically, as I've tried to do in the past, but I'd like to ask my reader(s) if it's worth keeping that list at all? Do people find any value in it? It takes up a good chunk of real estate, and I half-wonder if there's something else I might put in its place that would be of more interest/use to readers.

Thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome.
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Matt K said...

I don't pay close attention to it, honestly.

No use at all. If you're interested in any of them tell us in the blog!