Wednesday Links, Economic Edition

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  • I don't think I saw this linked from anywhere (though, admittedly, I've been even-more-insanely-busy-than-usual the past week, so I may have just missed it) but ComicsPRO is looking to hire an office assistant. I figure that's a positive sign speaking to the organization's success.
  • TechCrunch posts a theoretical timeline for the future of books, ebooks and some of the high-level economics involved. They seem take a fairly negative view of this -- kind of a "change is bad" approach. Stowe Boyd counters that A) the timeline is WAY too conservative, and B) it's just a change and not necessarily a good or bad thing. As with every technological advancements, there will certainly be people who are hurt by the change, but there are others who will be helped.
  • "Big Gay Horror Fan" interviews Nicholas Idell of Alley Cat Comics, a new LCS which opened earlier this year. Apparently, the shop really is tucked back in an alley but is still doing relatively well. (Hat tip to the S.O.)
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