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By | Thursday, September 29, 2011 2 comments
OK, I've tapped the closer sources that I can for this, but with no real success, so I'm going to see if I have any better luck just casting out to the web...

If You Have Access To A Good Library/Library System
I used to work a state university, and I had regular access to the whole library system. Not so much any more. But what I'm looking for are the 1946 and/or 1947 editions of N.W. Ayer & Son's Directory of Newspapers and Periodicals. I'm working on a post explaining what they are in more detail, but I just need a few lines of data from either/each of those years. I'm working on a new book and would like to include some of the info I could get from those directories. If you happen to work or attend a school that has access to these, and would be willing to look them up, I'd be very appreciative. I might even be willing to send you a copy of my book once it's published! (It's about some 1940s comics that haven't gotten much attention in case you're interested.)

If You Happen To Live In Or Frequent Key West
Towards the end of October, I'll be heading down to Key West, Florida to attend a wedding. The S.O. and I will be extending our trip a bit to make it an actual vacation, and I'm wondering if there are any comic related sites I should hit. I threw this question out to the blog once before, and Jonathan Baylis chimed in saying he didn't know of much. (Thanks, Jon!) I'm pretty skeptical of finding anything at this point, but I'm still optimistic enough to ask again.
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Mark O' said...

The librarian in me notes: this went through several different names over its lifespan, and during this period it is going to be in most library catalogs as "N.W. Ayer & Son's directory of newspapers and periodicals." You might edit your post to use that exact name, or else most people good enough to check will look the title that you used up, see their library has up to 1929 at best (which is when the name you used was changed) and stop.

You might also glance at - you can't actually see the item in question, but depending on what you're doing, you _might_ be able to figure out what you need (if you're going for stats, well, probably not).

It also looks like they also have both of those years at Miami of Ohio, which looks like its pretty close to you: - it's hard for me to tell from cross country, but that may be something you have to request in advance. Maybe.

End librarianing.

Thanks, Mark. I appreciate the info.

The copies that are Miami are the ones I've looked at before through the interlibrary loan system. It's weird, though, because they're available for checkout through that system, but you can't just walk into one of Miami campus libraries and pull them down off the stacks to glance through. So you still need current university credentials to get a look at them.

Also, I updated the title in the post. :)