Comic Strip Reverse Sequel?

By | Monday, September 19, 2011 Leave a Comment
Today's Garfield...

And here's what ran as today's Peanuts...

The Peanuts strip is actually a few decades old at least (I can't seem to find a date of when it originally ran offhand) and is a one-off joke. The strips leading up to this one were completely unrelated. It's possible that the folks at Paws Inc planned the timing of today's Garfield, as you could look up the old Peanuts stuff to predict what strip is going to run on what day, but that seems pretty unlikely for an oblique (at best) reference.

Though it does bring up an interesting idea. Since you can in fact predict what Peanuts strip is going to run on what day, you could theoretically write a new strip that always played directly off the "current" Peanuts one. Maybe provide the same story from a different character's perspective, or an immediate sequel/continuation of the original gag, or the exact same joke with entirely different characters. Maybe the "real life" events in Charles Schulz's life that inspired the comic strip in question. As I think about it, I'm kind of surprised no one has tried something like that yet.

OK, I'm throwing the idea out there; someone run with it.
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