Almost A Superhero

By | Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Leave a Comment
I think it's time I kicked off one of my little side projects: Almost a Superhero.

You've read any number of What Ifs and Elseworlds books, right? You know that all of the great superheroes were just moments away from changing their destinies.You ever think that maybe YOU had a similar experience? Maybe you could have been a superhero, too, if your circumstances were just a tad different. Now you can tell everyone how you almost had an origin sequence of your own! Take a gander at these examples...

Harkening back to some of the classic comic book origins, you can show your friends what might have. That one time when you were Almost a Superhero.

Please check out my shop and pass the word along. I'll be adding more designs as I have the time to put them together.
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