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By | Wednesday, September 14, 2011 1 comment
  • Matt Kuhns takes a somewhat nostalgic look back at Marvel trading cards from the 1990s and cites that as the noticeable distinction between then and the current seeming '90s revival that's underway in comics now.
  • The Jack Kirby Museum is looking to set up a temporary/“pop-up” physical museum during this November, December and January. They're asking for a little help, and have some more details about what they're hoping to accomplish.
  • The Northeast Modern Language Association has issued a call for papers on the subject of "Masculinity in superhero comic books and films." I point this out not as a need to counter recent women's issues and concerns in the comic book industry, but as a corollary to it. That is, if there's a better understanding of what problems/issues/concerns women are facing vis-à-vis why male comics are often so misogynistic, that can lead to more robust/active solutions. Of course, if the papers in question wind up just being a glorified rah-rah-yay-men-testosterone-love-fest, then we could probably do without it.
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Matt K said...

Cheers, man. The shirts are looking good, meanwhile, and I see you already have at least one write-up. Good luck!