Who Doesn't Love Link-Blogging

By | Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Leave a Comment
  • The Worcester Telegram recently profiled Paul B. Howley and his That’s Entertainment comic shop. Just a nice piece on an LCS.
  • I just found out about a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary about Frederic Wertham. As most comic fans only know Wertham by reputation, and many have never actually even read Seduction of the Innocent much less anything else he wrote, this is some research I think is well worth pursuing.
  • Harvard University is holding some panel discussions on April 30 that explore "the role of comics and graphic novels in teaching and learning about the Middle East and Muslim communities." I'm always for fighting ignorance. More info here.
  • Ian Gordon has made his book Comic Strips and Consumer Culture, 1890-1945 available online for free. I haven't read it yet, but long-form, thoughtful discussions about comics are always welcome in my house. Especially when they're free! It can be read in your browser here or can be downloaded as a PDF from that location if you sign in.
  • And don't forget that Free Comic Book Day is less than a month away!
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