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I'm not much of an actual collector of comics. I prefer the stories themselves to the artifacts they were originally printed on. But there was a long time where those two approaches were one and the same. Reprints just weren't that widely available for a lot of older books. So I do have a few older comics in my collection that I've picked up over the years.

For no other reason than it struck my fancy tonight, here are the oldest three comics in my physical collection, all of which were published about a quarter-century before I was born...
WHIZ Comics #114 circa 1949. My copy is actually coverless. It was actually my dad's and I picked it up when he gave me his comic collection a few years ago. No idea where he got it or why, but it may well have been just for the Ibis story.

Classics Illustrated #10. This is the reprint from 1947, not the 1943 original. My copy is in bad shape; lots of water damage. It was found by a relative in the back of a garage with a handful of other issues and given to me. I have to admit that I have yet to actually read this.

Green Lama #5. May 1945. I found this in a consignment shop for a couple of bucks several years ago. (Well before the Golden Age revival stuff that Dyanmite and Image put out in more recent years.) I'm not a big Lama fan but I'd heard about him when reading about Lou Fine, so I figured this was a good way to see some of his work first-hand.
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Matt K said...

That's a pretty awesome cover design on the last one, if nothing else.

I relate to some of the items you show here, not so much in age, but because I too am a sucker for collecting and treasuring comics that were published before my time (and I was born before the 70s')
Catching up on your blog and loving it.
Keep at it!